Little Beans Cafe

Everyone is welcome at Little Beans!

Open from 9.30am – 2.30pm on Mondays, and 9.30am – 3.00pm Tuesday – Friday.

Whether you have children with you or just fancy a sit down with a slice of cake and a good coffee we welcome everyone.



Adult breakfast served until 11:30am

2 x toast served with jam or butter £1.40

Toasted teacake £1.60

Scrambled free range eggs served on toast £2.60 (add Beans for 30p)


Children’s breakfast served until 11:30am

Toast-cut into squares

Plain (with or without butter) £1.25 | With jam £1.50 | With Nutella £1.60

Scrambled egg on toast £1.60 (add beans for 30p)

Bowl of chopped fruit £1.70



Cheese scone £2.35

Fruit scone with jam and clotted cream £2.70p


Cakes – see counter selection


Adult lunch


Tuna & cucumber £4.50

Ham with mustard or Yorkshire chutney £4.75

Cheese & pickle £4.75

Chicken, pesto & mozzarella £4.75



Chicken, pesto & mozzarella £5.50

Tuna, mozzarella and red onion jam £5.50

Ham & Cheese or Tuna & cheese £5.50


Jacket potatoes – served with fresh salad and coleslaw

Plain with butter £4.25

With baked £5.75

With cheese £5.75

With tuna mayo £5.75

With coronation chicken £5.75


Home made soup of the day with bread roll

£4.50 (See black board)


Children’s menu


2 squares – £1.75

4 squares – £2.60

Choose from

Sliced or grated cheese


Tuna mayo

Chicken slices

Pom bears 70p

½ Jacket potato

 Plain (with or without butter) £2.25

With baked beans £3.50

With cheese £3.50

With tuna mayo £3.50

Warm food

Twirly pasta with pesto £3.00

Beans on toast £3.00

Spaghetti hoops on toast £3.00

Scrambled egg on toast £3.00


Small plate cucumber sticks 75p

Small plate of cherry tomatoes 90p

Fruit of chopped fruit £1.70p


Drinks menu

Fresh bean coffee

Americano £2.20

Cappuccino £2.70

Flat white £2.50

Latte £2.70

Mocha £3.00

Expresso £1.50

Double Expresso £2.00

Extra shot 50p

Baby chino served with marshmallows or sprinkles £1.00


Tea by the pot

Yorkshire tea £2.00

Decaf Tea £2.00

Fruit teas (ask at till) £2.20

Hot chocolate

Regular hot chocolate £2.50

Luxury hot chocolate (cream and marshmallows) £2.95

Mini luxury hot chocolate £1.00


Cold drinks

Bottled still/sparkling water £1.50

Fizzy drink can £1.75

Squash (orange or apple and black currant) £0.70p

Glass of milk or milk alterNative £1.00

Robinsons fruit shoot £1.30



9 + 2 =





Address: Village Farm, Main street, West Tanfield, Ripon,HG4 5JJ

Tel: 01677 470777